Heaven The Axe


May 6, 2014


Bogan Hunters has hit the TV screens of Australia featuring the official theme song by Heaven The Axe. Check it out in the clip above.

“Bogan Hunters is either the very best or very worst television show ever screened in this country” – The Age

HEAVEN THE AXE – Bogan Hunters
Video directed by Paul Fenech
Edited by David Rudd & Remo Green – www.remogreen.com
Lyrics By Phoebe Pinnock, Steve Watts
Music by Steve Watts, Tom Rossell, Nik Rackham, Richie Poate
Performed by Phoebe Pinnock, Steve Watts, Mat Silcock, Tom Rossell, Richie Poate
Featuring very special guest Azza Bok from Frankenbok in the music video
Produced by Peter “Reggie” Bowman, Screamlouder Productions
Mastered by Steve Smart Studios 301, Sydney (Digital Download)

Download the new single on:


You can watch the short version of the clip here on Yahoo7 with the episodes of Bogan Hunters as they air.



The Bogan Hunters: Kev Tautuma, Pauly Fenech and Shazza Jones seeking out Bogans in their Australian natural habitat to award one with the honour of being Australias number 1 bogan.
Airs Tuesdays 9:30pm AEST 7mate TV Nationally
Watch on Yahoo7
Facebook: Bogan Hunters / Housos


So Phoebe, what inspired you to be able to write the lyrics to the Bogan Hunters Theme song?
Its a really very deep and profound song, whereby digging deep into lots of personal experience and observations by the native fauna surrounding me, allowed one to be able to call forth the essence of the inspiration behind these lyrics.
A lot of my own emotional layers had to be stripped and peeled right back, to connect with my inner bogan (some say…more outer but I dont know, ay…geez) myself, so I could share that with the nation..spiritually and connect with people in the place where they too are fond of their bogan-ness.
Steve smashed together some wicked riffs, as he does, just tralala and there they are….the boys had a BBQ and a piss up (several) pulling together all the elements (well, we are truly Aussies…what would the Bogan Hunters song be without writing it further at a BBQ let me ask!! Its very totes cray vogue…) and then the lyrics came together to really capture the essence of “Proud Aussie Bogan” or its native latin title “Boganaustralisapian”
as well as honoring the exceptionally skilled and revered Hunters.

Its a modern day Australian National Anthem really…am I being too humble? Oh…I dont know….

I really wanted the chorus to sum up the intrinsic nature of this wonderous wild and untamed creature that sets it above all other native species as a national treasure. The chorus I feel, if I do say so myself, really captures the magic of the
Legend of the Boganus…

“This Aussie heart and soul, we have evolved to this, so grab your mull and bowl and lets get on this p!ss
– Bogan Hunters – Oi! Oi! Oi!”

I did a lot of headmiles in my journey to develop this.
The simple things in life are often the best BUT only appreciated after kilometres of headmiles. We got there…PHEE-EW!

If the song were an oil painting entered into the Archibald Portrait Prize as a depiction of an Australian Bogan, then it would be a good contender for a high award, I think… capturing the true essence of  the bogan beast.

In actual fact what I’m most proud of is utilising the (now) words
“Boganaustraliasapian” and “procrasterbation” in the same song.
I gave myself a two finger clap for pulling that off. And rhyming Hunters with munted.
Just close enough that you dont notice….!!! Ah look at me tooting my own horn!!! Must chooff off now….But in conclusion…

Bogans have feelings too.

…And Bogan-chic is the fashion statement of the century!

I was told by a budgie smuggler that the song is currently the ringtone for the Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He loves a good listen to the Bogan Hunters anthem, listening to it for long periods as I believe he screens a lot of calls in case of being strongly pursued by love interests, repeatedly, everyday. Its also enjoyable for a brief moment whilst being called by those pesky central bank debt collectors. I hate private numbers too …argh.
But its really something as a songwriter you know? To serve your country in such a way…Yes.
We at Heaven The Axe are very proud to be of service.





Were hunting a species of this land
Some think that they’re insane
Think they don’t have a brain
Call the bogan hunters!
Theres so much these super hunters do
No one knows how and they don’t too
They hear you cry in vain
They’re here to rattle your cage
These Bogan Hunters!

This Aussie Heart and Soul
(Bogan Hunters!!)
We have evolved to this
(Bogan Hunters!!)
So grab your mull and bowl
(Bogan Hunters!!)
And lets get on the p!ss
(Bogan Hunters!!)
Bogan Hunters!

Bogan Hunters!!!

So what will our heroes find today?
They’re on the hunt; they’re on their way
To go where eagles dare
Inside the bogans lair
Ooh theyre coming to get you
Think twice ‘fore you play your Angus Young
The native call; the bogan song
Or rev your V8 loud
Youll be the target in the crowd
For the bogan hunters!

This Aussie Heart and Soul
(Bogan Hunters!!)
We have evolved to this
(Bogan Hunters!!)
So grab your mull and bowl
(Bogan Hunters!!)
And lets get on the p!ss
(Bogan Hunters!!)
Bogan Hunters!

They’re comin…
They’re comin…
They’re comin…
They’re comin…
They’re comin…
They’re comin…
They’re comin…
FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Protect yourself and go dob your mates in
Right now stop procrasterbating
Get off the couch if you’re not too munted
Watch out heres the bogan hunters
The southern cross offers great protection
For mullets longer than your best erection
Childhood ciggies might have grown you stunted
Better run heres the bogan hunters
Run Run yeah
It’s the bogan hunters
Run Run yeah!