Heaven The Axe


November 29, 2013

The Tradie Magazine is one of the most widely distributed free magazines in Australia going direct to Tradies every month. Tradies love good hard Aussie rock and they featured Phoebe on the cover and ran a story about the band. Here it is for those of you who cant get your hands on it.

Phoebe is the “Tradie Lady” for Melbourne and meets hundreds of Tradies when out delivering the magazine each month to hardware stores, tool shops and on site. So she is no stranger to the readers of the Tradie magazine.

Theres even a pic of Azza Bok from Frankenbok – Heaven The Axe plays a lot with Frankenbok and Phoebe caught up with Azza out on the road.

Please note that Heaven The Axe will not be performing at the Mansfield Tavern in Brisbane as published.

If you would like a copy signed and sent to you order here.

Photography by Matt Ware.

PhoebePinnock_Cover PhoebePinnock_Tradie1 PhoebePinnock_Tradie2