Heaven The Axe


July 18, 2016

Legendary American drummer Deen Castronovo is tracking drums on new HTA! Deen is the former drummer of Journey, Bad English and Ozzy Osbourne and is a huge fan of HEAVEN THE AXE.

“Im ultra stoked and proud to be part of HTA for this session and I hope I make you all proud!’ says Deen…
What I’ve heard of HTA is that the drummer is just sick!! Reminds me of Joey Jordison and Dave McClean…this band is bad a**!! I want you to know how grateful I am that HTA gave me this opportunity. Its just a matter of time for this band to break, way too much heart my friends! So much respect for this band, and as people!!”

Deen has been taking a year to focus on recovery after media reports of drug-related issues, Deen is currently celebrating one year sober and has been focussing on helping others that find themselves in the throes of addiction.

We are super proud to have Deen on board and are truly grateful for his love and respect to us and the music.

HEAVEN THE AXE has always welcomed some of the greatest Australian drumming talents, and to have their work recognised by such a superstar drummer is truly awesome!

Catch us on tour with our full time dedicated MACHINE of a drummer – Adam “Wolfman” Savino – in August!