Heaven The Axe


August 10, 2016

We are very sorry to announce that due to illness we have had to call off all remaining dates of our tour this week in Wollongong, Canberra, Sydney and Newcastle.

After working our butts off all year to bring you all a killer show and new material that we’re super proud of, organising our lives so we can kick some arse, and spending thousands of bucks on merch to kit all of you crazy bastards up at the shows, everyone except the bloody Croatian (who seems to have vodka in his veins instead of blood) have been struck down with a King-hit virus that saw Steve completely unable to perform last weekend.

He did the Ballarat show with this sickness “cos the show must go on” and subsequently ended up in medical care with a 39.7 degree fever which is why we missed the show of the year for Aussie Metal in Melbourne, Brewtality Festival. And then Bendigo the next day.

We put total commitment into getting well, we did everything imaginable (if shoving echinacea up our butts might have helped we would have done it – penicillin in the bum cheek tho, Steve?…….check) but it hasn’t worked and to take the band out on the road so unwell would be disastrous not only to the band personally but also to what we offer to our friends who were coming to see us and particularly who we were staying with.

Ben and myself (Phoebe) are in the middle of it now, Steve and I haven’t moved from a mattress in front of the fire breathing vaporised menthol and slathered in Manuka honey since Saturday. We haven’t been able to work (some of us for two weeks) and being self employed it’s a huge personal financial loss on every level for all of us.

Thankfully we’ve had some seriously kind people in our lives who have looked after us in every way whilst we’ve been down for the count. We can’t thank these special people enough and we’re especially sorry to them as they were flying to Sydney for the show. Just goes to show how truly rad the kind of people that HTA attracts in our audiences and our lives, which includes all of you who have thought of us and care enough to even be here on our page.

We’re grateful to everyone who has offered us their understanding and concern. We’d like to say to those planning on going to Brewtality in Sydney – you must go and support this show. It’s like Christmas for Aussie metal. An incredible event full of the sickest bands and punters ever and a huge and real community vibe. We love Brewtality Festival and want to see it be nothing less than a huge success! Please support it and see the talent and hardworking bands on offer.

Massive love to our co-touring buddies Southeast Desert Metal who have come all the way from central Australia for their understanding at this time. This is an awesome band and they truly deserve your support, please check them out and show them some love as this has impacted them more than anyone. They will still be performing in Canberra, Sydney and possibly Newcastle. Well keep you updated.

The only other show we’ve ever pulled out of in our careers has been because I was blind once with an eye infection …. Such is the extent of this illness in our camp. The last thing we want is to spread it up the east coast or put ourselves and our livelihoods under any more duress than we currently are by risking one of us ending up in hospital 800kms from home like would’ve happened to Steve if our first show back had have been in Wollongong and not Ballarat.

Part of the reason we play music is because we truly want to make a difference in the world. When you live in such fortunate circumstances to create art, we want ours to mean something. In September we are honoured to be part of two killer shows – Sat Sept 3 at Memo Music Hall St Kilda for Rock 4 Regal Motor Neurone Research and Sat Sept 24 at The Bendigo Hotel The Gift Of Riff for the Vainoras Family. These people need help and so we’ll just focus on being grateful that we have the opportunity to effect others lives in a positive way and just know we’ll be back being healthy shortly and smashing out the jams and maybe, just maybe will have a new tune for you to wrap your ears around very soon.

It’s unfortunate but all it really means is that we’re sick and not touring this week. That’s all. We love you all and will be back with a bigger and better tour and more new music shortly.

Thank you all for your caring and understanding and once again we are really sorry to anyone that this has inconvenienced or let down in any way.

Love from Phoebe, Steve, Benny, Alex and Wolfman